Book a court

Book a Court

Courts can be booked here using the FastCourts online booking system.

FastCourts is a separate system to the website and will require registration.  We would recommend you use it to make your court bookings, but you will need to register to receive a new, separate, username and password for their site.

Please note the following:

  • Court 1 is nearest the entrance gate, Court 2 is nearer the bypass.
  • Courts can be booked in half hour slots and for the benefit of other members a maximum of four slots (2 hours) may be booked as one session. If nobody has booked or wants the court afterwards you may play on.
  • Should you book a court and later find you cannot play then please make sure the booking is cancelled using the online system.
  • Matches and coaching sessions will be booked by the Club Secretary and the Club Coach. Please note that matches may over run and will take precedence until the completion of play.
  • Guests must play with a member who should collect the guest fee from them (£2.00) and ensure it is passed to the Club Treasurer.
  • In fairness to all members anyone misusing or abusing the system can expect restrictions being put on their usage of the courts.

For further information please contact the Club Secretary.

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